10 Creative Ways to Use Umbrellas for Summer Promotions

By 0 Comments 9th May 2024


As the summer sun blazes overhead, businesses look for new methods to stand out and connect with their target audience. Enter advertising umbrellas: adaptable, eye-catching, and useful. These basic items provide far more than just shade; they also serve as a canvas for creativity and business exposure. In this blog post, we will look at ten unique methods to use advertising umbrellas for summer promotions.

Beachfront Branding

Consider displaying your logo on colorful umbrellas along the shoreline. Whether it’s a resort, beach club, or seaside café, putting advertising umbrellas in this location maximizes visibility to sun-seekers.

Outdoor Events Sponsorship

Sponsorship of outdoor events, such as music festivals and food fairs, provides excellent brand visibility opportunities. Sponsorship with custom-branded umbrellas not only offers participants with shade, but it also promotes your presence at the event.

Sidewalk Cafés and Restaurants

Advertising umbrellas are a great way for restaurants with outside seating to promote their business. Customize umbrellas with your brand and brilliant colors to attract visitors and create a pleasant atmosphere for dining.

Street Market Stands

Branded umbrellas can help you stand out from the throng while selling artisan goods or fresh food at street markets. They not only protect your products from the sun, but they also act as great signage, directing customers to your booth.

Park Picnics & Gatherings

Parks are popular summer destinations and excellent for promotional events. Set up branded umbrellas near picnic or event areas to engage with park visitors and promote your brand.

Sports Events and Tournaments

Sports activities, including golf tournaments and beach volleyball competitions, attract a varied audience. Take advantage of this by offering branded umbrellas for both players and spectators, ensuring that your brand is prominently shown during the event.

Outdoor Workshops and Classes

Outdoor seminars and fitness sessions are more popular throughout the summer months. Use advertising umbrellas to create a branded place for your sessions, increasing visibility and professionalism while protecting against the elements.

Public Transportation Stops

Public transit stops are crowded spaces where people wait for buses or trains. Placing advertising umbrellas at these locations not only gives shade, but also exposes your business to a captive audience.

Poolside Promotions

Summer is a busy season for poolside promotions at hotels, resorts, and community pools. Enhance the poolside experience by delivering customized umbrellas to customers, resulting in a luxurious and unforgettable setting while advertising your company.

Rooftop Bars and Terraces

Rooftop bars and terraces provide beautiful views and are popular for social gatherings. Enhance the atmosphere with custom-branded umbrellas that give shade while also serving as elegant focal pieces, strengthening your company identity.

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