In-Depth Comparison: LED Look Walker vs. Video Look Walker

In-Depth Comparison: LED Look Walker vs. Video Look Walker

By 0 Comments 2nd September 2023

LED Look Walker:


LED look Walkers have bright, attention-grabbing LED displays that can display dynamic and colorful content, making them extremely visible in crowded areas.

Versatile Messaging: LED screens on walkers can be programmed to display a wide range of messages, graphics, and animations, allowing you to convey a variety of marketing messages.

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Mobility: Because Look walkers are mobile and can move through crowds or specific locations, they have a better chance of reaching a diverse audience.


Limited Interaction: When compared to human promoters, LED walkers focus primarily on visual appeal and may have limited interaction with the audience.

LED displays may require routine maintenance, and technical issues may arise. 

Video Look Walker:


Video walkers typically include a live human promoter wearing a video screen, allowing for direct interaction with the audience. Promoters can hold discussions and distribute promotional materials.

Human Touch: The presence of a live person can help establish a personal connection with the audience, potentially increasing brand engagement.

Versatile Messaging: Because video screens can display a variety of content, such as videos, slideshows, and live streaming, they are adaptable to a wide range of marketing strategies.

Pbs Prachar Bharat premium promotional led look walker outdoor advertising walking board.


Cost: When compared to LED look walkers, video look walkers may be more expensive to hire and maintain.

Limited Content Visibility: Because of the size of the video screen, the amount of content that can be displayed at once may be limited, potentially making it less effective for conveying detailed information.

Choosing Between the Two:

To determine which option is better for your campaign, consider the following factors:

Campaign Objectives: What are your primary marketing objectives? A video walkthrough may be more appropriate if you need to convey complex information or make a personal connection with the audience. If visual impact and visibility are important, LED walkers may be a better option.

Campaign Environment: The environment and location of your campaign are also important. LED-looking walkers may be more effective for daytime outdoor events. Video walkers could shine at indoor events or at nighttime promotions.

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