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Any biker needs a bike cover since it provides both important protection and convenience. It protects your bicycle from damaging factors like rain, UV rays, and dust thanks to the sturdy, weather-resistant materials it is made of, avoiding early wear and tear. Its close fit and reliable latching offer full coverage, protecting the frame and parts of your bike. A bike cover provides convenience in addition to safety by keeping your bike clean while in storage, minimising the need for frequent washing. A bike cover protects your investment, increasing its lifespan and improving your riding experience with a hassle-free, well-maintained bicycle, whether it is stored indoors or outdoors.

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  • Size – Standard
  • Waterproof- Yes
  • Fabric – Nylon
  • Color – Multicolor
  • UV Protection – Yes

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PBS Prachar Bharat waterproof and UV Protected bike cover
PBS Prachar Bharat promotional bike cover heavy duty nylon cover
PBS Prachar Bharat premium quality bike cover multicolor weatherproof cover
PBS Prachar Bharat
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