LED Clip On Board

The LED clip-on board is a dynamic and practical tool that improves visibility and organization in a variety of scenarios. It can be quickly connected to a variety of surfaces, such as tables, shelves, or bulletin boards, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. The board includes LED lighting that is energy-efficient and bright, making it perfect for task lighting or highlighting significant information. The LED clip-on board is an easy method to display memos, reminders, or notes whether it is used in offices, classrooms, or workshops. Its adjustable clip guarantees a solid grip while enabling simple adjustment and customisation in accordance with individual preferences. With the LED clip-on board, say goodbye to disorganization and hello to a brightly illuminated workspace.

How We Work Here

Improves Visibility & Organization

Smart & Practical Clip-On Design

Flexible & Adjustable Neck Allows To Direct The Light


  • Size – Customizable 
  • Frame – Aluminium
  • Led – Samsung Led Light
  • Shape – Rectangle 
  • Usage Application – Promotion

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LED Clip On Borad Advertisment at best Prices in Delhi | Pbs Prachar Bharat.
PBS Prachar Bharat interior LED display Clip On Board Aluminium Rectangular Board For advertisment.
Pbs Prachar Bharat Promotional Aluminium Frame LED Clip On Board Ractangular Shape.
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