Two Fold Umbrella

For those who want convenience and weather protection, the two-fold umbrella is a creative option. The umbrella can be folded down to a small size thanks to its innovative design, which makes it very simple to carry and store. This umbrella’s small size guarantees that it won’t be an inconvenience when you’re navigating through busy streets or getting on and off public transportation. You will be protected from rain, wind, and even the worst weather conditions thanks to the durable frame and top-notch materials. The two-fold umbrella is a must-have accessory for everyone who appreciates practicality without sacrificing style thanks to its user-friendly features and modern design. Keep your plans on track by being prepared with the adaptable and dependable two-fold umbrella.

How We Work Here

come with an automatic open &  close feature

Designed to be Robust and Durable

Come in a Variety of  Hues & Designs


  • Small Size – 21 x 8Inch
  • Standard Size – 23 x 8Inch
  • Type – Automatic Open
  • Handle – Plastic
  • Fabric – 190T Taffeta
  • UV Protection – Yes

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pbs prachar bharat promotional two fold umbrella multicolor outdoor branding umbrella.
Pbs Prachar bharat 2 fold advertising umbrella outdoor branding customized umbrella for branding.
Pbs Prachar Bharat promotional umbrella in 2 folds with iron ribs rustless material and waterproof fabric.
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