Video Look Walker

A video look walker is an engaging marketing strategy that combines engagement and creativity. High-definition videos on this portable, wearable screen attract rapid attention in busy places like malls, exhibits, and gatherings. With its placement at eye level, it guarantees a direct and individualized connection with the target audience, greatly increasing the message’s effect. Due to its flexibility and lightweight construction, it can move with ease and easily adapt to different situations. The video look walker goes beyond conventional marketing by providing viewers with an engaging, immersive experience that makes a lasting impression, making it an effective tool for contemporary, mobile advertising campaigns.

How We Work Here

Portable display system with high quality visuals

Attention-Grabbing Design & Customizable

Video looping & Remote content management


  • Size – 32 Inch
  • Display Size – 15×28 Inch
  • Frame – Iron
  • Ram – 1 GB    
  • Memory – 8 GB
  • Warranty – One Month

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Video Look Walker At Best Price In Delhi | PBS Prachar Bharat
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