Top 10 Iconic Umbrellas in Film and TV History

Top 10 Iconic Umbrellas in Film and TV History

By 0 Comments 21st December 2023

Umbrellas have appeared in a number of landmark events in film and television history, frequently becoming significant or memorable props. Here are ten classic umbrellas from the entertainment industry:

Mary Poppins’ Umbrella (Mary Poppins, 1964): Mary Poppins’ magical umbrella represents her whimsical and delightful personality. It aids her flight and lends a magical touch to the famous Disney flick.

Singing in the Rain Umbrella (Singing in the Rain, 1952):  While not a key prop, the umbrella is prominently featured in the famous dance sequence with Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain, creating an unforgettable cinematic moment.

The Penguin’s Umbrella (Batman Returns, 1992): The Penguin, played by Danny DeVito, carries a peculiar umbrella that has multiple functions, including concealing a hidden rifle and helicopter blades. This evil character’s item becomes iconic.

The Blue Umbrella (The Blue Umbrella, 2013): In this Pixar animated short film, a blue umbrella serves as the main character in a universe of sentient city items. In a sea of everyday objects, the blue umbrella sticks out, creating a visually appealing and unforgettable image.

The Story of How I Met Your Mother Yellow Umbrella (2005-2014, How I Met Your Mother): In the TV series, the yellow umbrella becomes a reoccurring motif, suggesting Ted Mosby’s future marriage. It is quite important in the overall plot of the show.

Umbrella in Blade Runner (Blade Runner, 1982): The distinctive translucent umbrellas from the film are generally linked with the dystopian, rain-soaked cityscape. These umbrellas have become synonymous with the visual style of the film.

Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil series): The Umbrella Corporation’s red and white emblem is a recurring symbol in the Resident Evil video game franchise and its film adaptations. The umbrella logo portrays the evil pharmaceutical business responsible for the T-virus outbreak.

The Umbrella Academy (2019-present): The umbrella serves as a symbol for the dysfunctional superhero family in this TV series based on Gerard Way’s comic novels. Each member is given a number and a color-coded umbrella.

Gotham City Police Department Umbrella (Batman, 1989): The Penguin’s umbrella isn’t the only notable one in Tim Burton’s Batman. The Gotham City Police Department provides umbrellas with the distinctive bat symbol to its officers, boosting Batman’s presence in the city.

Cher’s feathery Umbrella (Clueless, 1995): Cher (Alicia Silverstone) uses a feathery umbrella in the popular teen film Clueless, providing a trendy touch to her attire. In the world of movies, the umbrella is a little but noteworthy accessory.

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